A lampshade is a must have especially if you are into well-lit environments. They help make rooms bright and still complement room’s interior design. They have become an everyday household item, and no home feels complete without them. However, buying one can be a hassle, especially given the fact that they come in all shapes and designs. Therefore, one needs to be smart so as to get the best one. Below are some of the factors to watch out of when buying a lamp shade.

Factors to consider when purchasing the perfect lamp shade


Depending on your ideal form or even the orientation of youkkfnfbndfkdnkdnfbkndfbdfbdbdfr home, it is important to select a shape that you like. The shape plays a significant role in determining how the lamp shade dispenses it light, hence determining how well it will light a given section. The common shapes are, empire, straight empire, drum, square, and oval. Do some research and get the best one.

Lamp shade material

There are various materials to select from. The most common materials include plastic, silk, cotton, parchment, and linen. It is advisable to do some consulting to ensure that you get the best material. If you are buying one on a budget, going for plastic is a good choice.


This is an imperative factor. When selecting a lampshade, it is of the utmost important that you choose a lamp shade that is going to match the room. For instance, if all you have is a small table beside your bed, then all you should do is get a lampshade that is small enough to leave some considerable space for other items to occupy.


When selecting a lampshade, it is important to have an idea of the patterns that you will be looking for. Therefore, make sure to exhaust all the available options once you start shopping. A good choice would be to select a pattern that matches the walls or even the surrounding furniture.

Adjustable height

The perfect lamp shade shodfbdffbdfbfbdbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfdfbuld have an adjustable heating, making it easier to get the best height from it. By either lowering or adjusting it upwards, a person can easily adjust the intensity and reach of the light. Therefore, make sure to check for that.

These are some of the top options that one has when it comes to improving one’s room illumination. Therefore, make sure to get the best lamp shade.